Wet plate collodion negative and salt printing processes

Learning the wet plate collodion technique is a difficult process, since there are several variables to take into account and nothing can be neglected or set aside. The entire process, from cleaning the glass to applying the varnish needs conistent methods that are decisive for a good results.

This workshop is intended for the beginner specifically interested in making wet plate collodion negatives suitable for alternative processes printing such as salt paper of albumen paper, giving you a new powerfull and creative tools to be used as a genuine artistic expression. It will covers all the chemichal principles and technical aspects of the wet plate collodion negative process and salt printing process. By the end you will be confident in managing the not so simple art of this processes.



What you will learn?:

All the theoretical and practical aspects of the wet plate collodion process:
Historical connotations;
Health & Safety Informations;
Workflow and tools used in the process;
Chemical compounds and their working principles: plate cleaning agent, albumen formula for subbing the plate, collodion formula for negative, silver nitrate sensitizing solution, developer formulas for negative, fixer formulas, foundation negatives and redevelopment, varnish formula;
How to manage the most common mistakes and troubleshooting.
The basic technique of making salted paper prints: salting the paper, sensitizing the salted paper, Exposing, processing the exposed print, toning, fixing and waxing the print.
The workflows and differences in results by using other variants of the collodion process: wet plate collodion for positive, wet plate collodion for negative and dry plate process.
The workshop lasts at least 3 days. It is highly recommended to extend by one day the workshop, including an outdoor shooting, in order to learn how to manage the exposure time with natural light and how to set your darkroom and tools needed for shooting on the field. You will have the opportunity to personalize your workshop according to your needs.

The workshop will take place in my laboratory located in the center of Castelbuono, a beautiful medieval village located in the middle of Madonie Park, between the sea and the mountains

It is possible to book your accomodation in the farmhouse where I live with my family, surrounded by sicilian olive trees and overlooking the Madonie mountains. The room has an indipendent entrance, private bathroom, air conditioning and wifi. The price includes:

3 nights (3 days workshop)/ 4 nights (4 days workshop);
transport from and to the laboratory;

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