Basic Collodion Technique: Ambrotype and Tintype Book

This is the 2019 updated manual, Basic Collodion Technique: Ambrotype & Tintype by Scully & Osterman. The original manual, written in 1994, was 25 pages and featured the first complete instructions of the collodion process to a modern audience. The new version is 56 pages, has more basic theory and a valuable trouble shooting section titled Out of the Fog, that is worth the purchase price alone! Included is a color chart which shows how colors photograph using the collodion process.

This manual will help you to get started on wet-plate collodion, including equipment, supplies needed, sources, formulas and more importantly, the theory to modify them for specific working conditions. Think of this as the difference between learning a few phrases of a language and the grammar to construct any sentence you want!

In the past several years the Ostermans have observed that fewer people come to the collodion process with twentieth century darkroom experience. So, the new text also includes more theory and descriptions of what is actually happening when collodion images are made. They have always felt that teaching the “grammar” of collodion is an important part of really understanding and controlling the process.

In this edition they feature a new way to mix their standard collodion that allows it to be used without the settling period common with the previous technique.


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